Monday, July 18, 2011

Sweat: an Art Show (July 15th - 29th)

This past Friday, I spent a portion of my evening attending the opening night of "SWEAT" An Art Show at Oz Studios, 134 Ossington Avenue. Organized by my dear friend Kate Thornley and her colleagues Sam Singh, Kira Shaimanova and Chelsea Canlas, this specific setting showcases works by local artists surrounding the theme of "sweat" or: "Each artist will explore the physical, ideological, social and cultural notions of sweat. Ultimately, "Sweat" will be a study of a most basic human condition, interpreted through a collection of witty, humorous, and dynamic illustrations," as the organizers eloquently put it.

The collection was exactly that: bizarre at times, but totally mesmerizing and charming. Taking a walk around the long, crowded room, I got the feeling that many of the artists didn't take the word "sweat" literally in their works. Many of the pieces were elusive and offered the sensation one gets with sweating; that slight chill, tingling, full-body reaction (minus the gross aspects of the bodily-fluid). Although many of us in attendance were actually sweating due to the large crowd and summer heat, the show was a huge success.

 The Artists:

Terry Baker
Alex Beaton
Inga Borisenoka
Chelsea Canlas
Will Cardona
Anjo Chiang
Inkyung Choi
Gillian Goerz
Jesse Graham
Yoojin Guak
Ko-Hsin Hong
Jacquie Jeanes

Haena Kim
Diana Luong
Jessica Mundell
Taj Nabhani
Javier Ortiz
Irva Saraci
Kira Shaimanova
Sam Singh
Caitlin Taguibao
Kate Thornley
Kat Verhoeven

Organizers Kate, Chelsea and Sam

Diana Luong

Diana Luong


Kate Thornley

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