Friday, December 2, 2011

Guise: Going to be Fluffed and Whipped for the Holidays!

Guise: Going to be Fluffed and Whipped for the Holidays!: All professionalism aside. We all like to get a little fluffed and whipped during this time of year. I actually chose to share this not onl...

Beavis and Butthead for Stussy

You may or not know this up and coming brand Stussy but everyone knows Beavis and Butthead.
Guess what! Their back! Mike Judge is bringin back those crazy bungholes.
In honour, Stussy has brought out a new collection of limited edition T's and sweats.
For some odd reason, American television airs the most inappropriate shows for 8am.
This morning it was Beavis and Butthead... a strange way to wake up, but it was a good episode.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Take Shelter and Crisis

A crisis happens over time, continuously building. We know when it is happening and that it is building, but frequently, and this being the saddest part of crisis, is so many of us have no idea what it truly is or what to do about it. We let it consume us, perpetually battling against it alone, turning our minds into an arena for a one-on-one duel. Duels that can, and do for many, lead to death.

Take Shelter, the latest film by Jeff Nichols starring Michael Shannon and Jessica Chastain, is about crisis. It’s a simple premise with lofty goals and implications. Curtis LaForche (Shannon), the head of a family that includes his wife Samantha (Chastain) and daughter Hannah (Tova Stewart), live a normal life in Ohio until the onset of a crisis. Curtis begins to have nightmares and hallucinations that would suggest a cataclysmic storm is brewing that will destroy him, his family and possibly the world. Curtis has a familial past involving schizophrenia, his mother being afflicted with it while he was a young boy, and he knows this could be the possible cause of these nightmares and hallucinations. However, the lucidness and following horror of these hallucinations and nightmares create an existential dread for Curtis that consumes him and becomes his reality regardless of if they’re real or a symptom of a brain deteriorating. Curtis becomes obsessed with building a storm shelter to protect him and his family from the storm that he believes is coming, all the time unaware that it’s actually already arrived and brewing inside him. 

Curtis’s struggle is not just the visions and the nightmares or the supposed impending storm, but his adamant belief in his reality and the inability to share and articulate it to others, specifically the ones closest to him. In one scene Curtis stands watching a breathtaking nights sky filled with sporadic lightning and remarks “Is anyone else seeing this?” a variation of a thought we all perpetually think to ourselves consciously or unconsciously. Am I fundamentally alone? Is anyone else really seeing or feeling what I’m seeing and feeling? The solipsism that we all indulge in an allow to transform our minds into prisons for us to suffer alone in. The film shows us a man who traps himself in his own reality and allows it to drive him to the brink of madness until he lets the ones closest to him in. He does so in a powerful scene with his wife Samantha where he hands her a key (intentional or not, the symbolism is strong). It’s a scene of such intensity and beauty that Michael Shannon and Jessica Chastain should be applauded for it (Shannon specifically deserves an Oscar, I doubt I’ll see a better performance in the next few years). 

Take Shelter is about letting people in, about not letting ourselves get consumed by our mind and letting it be the master of us. We don’t have to face crisis alone, because even though others can’t ever truly know how we feel or see things, they can understand that there are different ways to see and feel, and that allows them to be our support, our lifeline. The last scene of Take Shelter is a moment of triumph, a testament to what it means to be human and be connected to other humans. Something that we will need to learn if we’re going to face the very real external and the internal crisis's we're in.

Monday, September 5, 2011


Listen to the music in the player and explore the track listing below. Categorized by genre.

60s Garage Rock 
Gloria by Them (Van Morisson)
Very popular, also sort of a one-hit wonder for Them. It wasn't perceived as "great" at the time, but it definitely inspired the British Invasion. Them was younger and had less finess, but much more anger in their sound.

Louie Louie by Sonics

Dirty Water by the Stoondells
Definitely essential, and also much of a one-hit for these guys. 

Non-Essential, but still great:
I Hate You by Monks

Night of the Phantom by Larry & the Blue Notes

1-2-5 by Haunted

Psychotic Reaction by Count Five

J.J. (Come Back to Me) by Souls of Britton

Come On by Los Saicos

Everynight by the Human Expression

Little Girl by Them
By the same group that did Gloria, this is a much less popular track by Them.

Mystery Ship by Mystic Tale

Hold Back the Sunrise by Ron Gray

Hey Freak by the Swamp Rats

Chills and Fever by the Serfmen

Victim of Circumstances by Roy Junior

Jack the Ripper by Casey Jones and the Governors

Mr. Farmer by the Seeds

To Find Out by the Keggs

Garage Punk 

Die! by the Mummies

Nobody Spoil My Fun by the Dwarves

Time of the Scab by the Black Lips

Garage Blues 

White Lightning by Doo Rag

Garage Revival (80s/90s) 

All Black and Hairy by the Gravediggers

Land of the Freak by King Khan and the Shrines

Modern Garage 

Cone of Light by Almighty Defenders

There But For the Grace of God Go I by the Gories

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Interview with Natalie Bradshaw, Toronto Stylist

Natalie Bradshaw is an up and coming stylist working in Toronto. She has a few projects coming up, and recently had a spread of her own in Magpie Darling magazine - check out Issue 5 here, photos from the shoot are below!

When did you first start styling?
I started styling 2 years ago, after I interned for a design company called Snoflake. On their Fall/Winter Photoshoot I met stylist Christine Viera, realized how much I loved styling and started assisting her shortly after that.

What would you say your personal style is, and what are your sources of inspiration?
I would say my style is 80s Western Grit. I love westerns, they always inspire me. Also Grace Jones inspires my diva side.

How do you get yourself prepared for a spread, like the one in Magpie Darling?
To prepare for a spread, I really get to know the theme/character/trend then pull it back to a less obvious notch when I pull my pieces. I don't like trends or concepts being too obvious.

How important is it to develop your own image- is it better to be a more versatile stylist in the industry, or one that has a reputation for certain looks?
You should always know your own style and never settle below that, but you always have to think outside the box and be versatile. I never want to be limited to a certain reputation.

What would your dream project be to work on and style for?
I have no idea what my dream project would be. Anything that is delightfully tacky and bold and sexy.... would have loved to style Beyonce in Dazed and confused, 'the Simple Life' - so fucking awesome. I love how American tackiness is becoming a hot topic.

Do you think there is a growing trend to use second-hand clothes and vintage pieces in everyday wear?
Vintage shopping is definitely taking over as it should, why make more things when we can re-use something that someone has previously loved?

Where do you see yourself going in your career as a stylist, and in the fashion industry?
I hope to get back into designing soon, but to also keep with styling. I just love creating stories with people

Photographer: Natalia Borecka
Makeup: Marta Koloszyc
Hair: Irina Lavrega
Model: Aleksandra at Elmer Olsen Model Management
Wardrobe: Natalie Bradshaw

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Building Sandcastles and Pulling Hamstrings

Cause and Effect

These beautiful, well-thought-out sand castles are what did me in. Sand, of all things, and piling it into giant heaps that look vaguely like medieval-era fortresses is what led me to a week-long advil binge. We went to Sauble Beach for the weekend, for those of you unaware of this 11km strip of heaven visit - it's in the top 10 beaches in Canada, situated near Owen Sound on Lake Huron. The beach is covered in light sand and gorgeous water, and since I am unable to get any sort of tan despite decades of trying, building sand castles is my main activity on the beach. I started to dig and dig and dig with Irene, she helped build the first one, and by the time the sun had set (took us about 40 minutes) we had the first fortress. We were so proud and so tired having had a long day of swimming and treking into town for shopping. I don't think the first castle is what defeated my hamstrings, it must have been the second attempt at glory in the sand.

The following day, upon returning to the same spot, we saw that hooligans had raided the fort and destroyed our hard work! Without skipping a beat, I got back to work (Irene deserted me and took to the water for the day). It was raining the entire time, and we had reached the beach around 11:30 with about 3 hours to kill, so I had a better idea of what I could accomplish. The sand was wet and heavy, I had much of the previous castle to clear before I could build on ground zero - the mote was still intact! Much of the work involved a lot of bending and twisting, but I guess the biggest strain was on my legs. I was -on my knees- (haha) for a good part of the time, the rest was spent almost at a 90 degree angle bent from my waist to make the walls without crushing anything else I had put together. All of this was done without stretching before hand. Ouch.

The rest of the day was fine; after lightning kicked our butts back to the trailer, we had a lot of time to rest and gorge ourselves on cocktails and BBQ. It was the following day that I felt the consequences. I couldn't fully stretch my legs out and walking with full strides became a challenge, but work was doable. The second day after the last castle was built really felt hellish as my muscles continued to tighten and strain.... but they say the third day is the worst, and "they" are right.

Taking Care of Muscles

Since the weekend debaucle, I have contacted a few friends for some tips on treating muscle injuries. Some of them are marathon runners, body builders, hockey and rugby players and yoga masters - I really wanted a diverse look at what I could do to treat and prevent pulling my hamstrings because we all know I'll be back next summer to try a TWO-storey castle. Keep in touch, it will be something extraordinary.

Back to muscles! Below are some recommended procedures to deal with pulling hamstrings, and most muscle strains. I've tried most of them, and I must say that they are working wonders. It has been a week and a half and I was even able to ride my bike to work and back yesterday (14km).

eSkimo Jo - women's rugby player and kick-ass derby girl
The thing about having injuries during sports is that despite my two sports being very rough contact sports, many of my injuries could be minimized and avoided with three things: stretching, conditioning & technique.

Stretching prevents the muscles around your injured area from pulling/pushing and putting extra pressure on your injured ligaments and muscles. Stretching every side of your body evenly also helps to stop the kind of chronic injuries caused by playing two sports and a general life of right side dominance. Also, good resistance stretching can help build your muscles.

Conditioning will help your muscles be stronger and therefore harder to set off balance. If you are well conditioned, you are also less likely to get tired.... this seems like a banal kind of thought, but when players get tired, they get themselves into the injury danger zone. Suddenly they are not playing and moving smartly. They will often put much more stress on their less tired side (in rugby I often start to gallop in my running and scrums because of my still sore knee injuries, in rugby I see a lot of girls who start to "suicide" dive instead of doing good clean checks).

Technique. This means using your energy smartly. I will use smarts to save from burning myself out during a game. I am also able to play more effectively by using physics or game knowledge. Good technique will also mean that you can avoid bad habits that cause injuries. My rugby coach has severe arthritis and tendinitis developed in her wrist from the flicking action she used to do during lifts in line outs. The captain of the derby debutantes has recently endured a fractured ankle due to the same mistake that cost my friend maykilla her tibula (or fibula, i can never remember). She dragged a toe stop to stop in derby instead of using a derby stop. It is hard to explain why this is really dangerous without being in person.

Mike Prudente - prudent body builder
Stretching constantly and continuously getting deep tissue massages from a foam roller or a therapist are the best ways to keep working muscles healthy! Acupuncture is great! To treat injuries you want to make sure you are intaking high potassium such as bananas or a high quality potassium supplement - potassium helps with healing muscle injuries. One of the best remedies is alternating heat and cold therapy 3 times a day; altermate an ice pad with a rice sock heat pad 15 mins each. It also never hurts to take a joint supplement such as glucosamine and choindroitin sulfates (they are generally sold together) as many muscle injuries occur due to weak joints. The amino acid l glutamine taken throughout the day will also help recovery as well as pretty much all other amino acids.

Sherwin Sayers - avid exerciser, runner
Alternate between hot and cold temperatures- using an ice pack and a hot pack for a few minutes each will kick in circulation and bring the blood to your injured muscles where the packs are placed. Blood circulation in that area will help heal the muscles quicker.

Jennifer Kirk - plays hockey for the Brampton women's hockey team
Try to rest as much as possibe, and stretch as you are getting up in the morning before you start your daily routine. This is when your muscles will hurt the most and need the most preperation before you start the day. Also, taking a hot bath with salts helps to relax the muscles and give them time to repair.

Alex Timoteo - yoga instructor and enthusiast
For general muscle injuries the most important point to stress is to REST. Take a warm bath and give yourself a rest from most exercises, though some gentle stretching activities like yoga can be helpful. Yoga journal does a really good job at explaining the poses that will help with your hamstrings. One thing that they might not stress there is that you should start with your knees bent since your hamstrings are really tight due to your injury. Bend your knees as much as you need to so that your tummy can rest on your thighs - keep them GLUED to each other. Then, if you're able to, slowly straighten your legs until you feel a good stretch.

Because you're injured there, I'd recommend staying there for 10 LONG breaths. With every inhale, visualize your breath filling up the back of your thighs or wherever the pain is. Really focus on it to see if you can actually feel the oxygen flowing to that part of your thighs. Then as you breathe out, imagine that you are exhaling all the tension out. See if you can feel the muscles soften and relax more.

Friday, August 12, 2011

I wanna play ROUGH!

So I've done it again, posted something about my upcoming game, Country Carnage on August 20th, and nothing about me. So now I've got some time, I'll fill in the blank about me.

My name is Kiyomi, and I am addicted to contact sports. Before I found them, I was an average hard working theatre devotee trying to pass my classes at Ryerson Theatre School. After first year, I decided I needed to take some time to myself and I joined the waterpolo club. I had a lot of fun, but in third year all the academic and show related stuff took over my free time. I had to quit. I was disappointed in myself. Then I saw something about Whip It and I knew I wanted to get into that. I convinced my sister that the best birthday gift would be a fresh meat package (skates, and safety gear). I danced around the thought, and I started emailing the two big leagues in town. Luck happened to send me to the GTA Rollergirls. They invited me to start coming out to practices, but because I was still trying to get sorted through the final projects of the school year, I had to tell them I probably wasn't ready to come out. My skates hadn't come in yet anyways.

Then I forgot about it. I started to think it wasn't meant to be and went back to giving all my waking hours to theatre school. When classes ended, summer started and it hit me like a wall. I was friggin bored. Some friends from the waterpolo club invited me out to the Rugby practices. I went to one and was still feeling it out. My job wasn't going to start until the end of June and it was only the start of May! That's when I got an email from Splat asking if I was still interested in roller derby and if I wanted to come see the game in Toronto that was coming up.

I went to the game and decided that I needed to try it. I went over to talk to Splat once the game was over. Her and Newfie Bullet talked to me and said to come to the next practice to watch. I liked what I saw at practice... Call it fate, but the next day my skates finally came in the mail. I would be ready to start skating by the next practice. At my second practice, I laced up in my new skates. Getcha Kicks taught me some falls before running off to join everyone doing drills. I was trying some of the falls and skating around when Coach Sloppy came over to help me out.

Before the end of practice, I found myself on the big girl side of the practice space in a pyramid drill of speed.... Okay, don't get me wrong, this wasn't like Whip It, I wasn't magically the fastest girl on the track. Actually it was the opposite, I was getting lapped. When they started hitting each other, I just back on to the small side of the practice space. I was determined to leave feeling more comfortable on my skates. Every day, I laced up my skates and rolled around on my street.

On my third practice, I got into the arena and people were all scattered around. It was skills testing day. The girls who were "fresh meat" had been around for 2-3 months already and needed to be tested to be allowed to play and scrimmage under insurance. There was no extra space in the arena to skate so they told me I could try the skills. At each station, I got a quick 1-2 how to do the skill before being tested. I passed more than half of the skills at was 4 laps short of the 25 laps in 5 minutes. I was happy with myself. Unlike the rest of the girls, there was no pressure for me to perform well. People came up and told me not to feel bad if I didn't do well, and I responded that it didn't matter if i failed every skill because it was only my third practice with skates on.

There was a fresh meat skate in only 4 weeks. I was told if I could pick up the failed skills quickly, I could join the other fresh meat to play. So that's how I found myself skating as a Chrome Molly only 4 weeks after my first practice....

Now only one year after joining, I am known as the scrappy and infamous eSkimo Jo #7734 of the GTAR Chrome Mollys. The co-captain of the Chrome Mollys for the 2011 season, sort of bench wench to the Derby Debutantes and all around team player to the GTAR travel team, the G-sTARS.

Roller derby practices are year round and obviously the sport has taken a large part of my life. Especially during the summer time. But I mentioned at the beginning that at the time when I started derbying, I was also practicing with a rugby team. This is a big part of my life too.

Although I often mention rugby much less, I still love it. I just know that between my two sport loves, that unless you've used to play rugby, you probably don't really find any interest in it... Except to say, that it is a tough sport. It doesn't ask for an audience and beg for people to watch our games and validate our sport. It is already proved it's ground as a sport.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

COUNTRY CARNAGE! Aug 20th at 6pm.

***Doors open at 6pm. Bout starts at 7pm IN THE BUBBLE!***

Chrome Mollys take on the Damaged Dollz from Peterborough on August 20th. It is our last toronto game. It will be in the ted reeve bubble.

Make signs and support your favourite players (as in come out and make an eSkimo Jo sign, best one gets to be spared slaughter by spear)! So make sure you come out and give yourself another taste of that fantastic unicorn grazing from your hand experience!!

Here’s the nitty gritty: Doors open at 6pm. Be early and settle into the best spots in the suicide seating! (This means bring your floor pillows or camp chairs!!!! Also the bubble is basically all suicide seating!!) Bout starts at 7pm.

There will also be a short exhibition game played by Toronto Junior Roller Derby! Toronto’s only junior roller derby league! Come out and watch the future of derby!!!

$12 advance tickets are available in person at Red Tent Sisters and Way Cool Tattoos on Queen. To buy advance tickets online check out Brown Paper Tickets, and I will be reposting with the link code as soon as I get it! (Hopefully around the time I get the poster.)

Tickets will be $15 at the door, so get em early and save! Kids under 12 get in for free.

We will be selling Mill St beer at the snack bar! So you can have a cold frosty while you watch these teams duke it out on the track.

Parking is FREE, but for those of you who want to ride the TTC to Ted Reeve Arena (175 Main St) just walk south from Main Street Subway Station. Or via the 506 Carlton Streetcar (get off at Gerrard and Main)!

Coming from further out of the GTA? You can take the GO train to Danforth Station! Walk south over the bridge!

Like the Derby Debutantes, the Chrome Mollys, and the GTA Rollergirls on Facebook!

ALSO for those of you stuck sitting on the sidelines wishing you could strap on a pair of skates, I have just the thing for you!!! On August 30th in the Ted Reeve bubble at 8pm, we will be holding a fresh meat intake. For more information, check out this post.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Animal Owner Pet Peeves

There are a couple topics that get my blood boiling in an instant. They mainly revolve around animal issues. No, I am not a vegetarian or a vegan, never have claimed to be and do not hide the fact. I like my meat. Anyways, that's besides the point I am about to make.
Two topics of hot debate for me are spaying/neutering your pet or breeding it and extremely uneducated pet ownership.
Topic one. Unless you are about to embark on an 20 to 50 year project of preserving and bettering of a specific breed, GET YOUR GODDAMN PET FIXED! "Oh, but I want her to have at least one litter. I want to see what her puppies would be like!" Go look on animal shelter websites and I'm sure any one of those lonely faces could potentially look like an offspring from your mutt, mixed with another mutt. That might have horrible hips, or heart or eyes, ears, etc. Also, you are in a goddamn large city. To say that there are hundreds of pets already looking for homes is an understatement. Every home that would take a puppy from you is a spot of love and comfort lost for another dog. And chances are that Person A that you sold Puppy #2 to will probably abandon it, after discovering "having a puppy is hard work." Or "I just don't have the time" or "they are too expensive" blah blah blah blah…
Also, stop trying to sell your backyard puppies for $1000! What the fuck is wrong with you people!!! Most of theses expensive dogs aren’t even purebred! Nor come from good lines with good genes and disposition! Also – a "Morkie" is NOT breed of dog. Fucksakes people.
Topic two. To say that I cannot stand ignorant or blatantly oblivious pet ownership is also an understatement.
Example. Person B gets a dog, a husky, about 2 years ago. A dog that he still has no clue about. Knows zero about pet ownership and the like. For anyone that knows anything about dogs, you know that Husky's are one of the most notorious breeds to try and train and house. They are working dogs. Through and through. They always will be. They are strong, thick-headed, stubborn and dominant. They have a lot of energy, physically and mentally, that requires to be burned off constantly. The list can go on and on and on.
Person B pretty much hasn’t trained Husky at all. Has no control over her and its completely obvious. Before it was just annoying. I have NEVER witnessed him walking the dog. They dog walks/runs him. Always. Now, now it’s a danger. A couple of weeks ago after not seeing Person B and Husky for quite some time (they live about 10 houses away), we run into them. Actually he runs into us as we are stopped talking to a nice owner and her dog and are not too far from the front yard of Person B.
Husky does her pulling thing, whipping the leash right out of Person B's hand. Everything is proceeding as it has many, many times prior. Then Husky wants to mount my dog. Chloe, she don't put up with bullshit puppies (Yes, I know she's 2+ but she still runs on a young dog/puppy mentality). Chloe is on the ground, probably from trying to play with Husky. Husky has no concept of actual "play" (way to go douche bag Person B). Husky moves herself over Chloe, and starts her growling and sideways stare. Chloe instantly thinks, "Fuck you, if you think you are going to pull this shit." I immediately see what's happening and what will come next if no one intervenes. Person B all the while? "*Husky*, *Husky*, what are you doing?" (in a monotone voice, quiet). I on the other hand don’t waste any time talking to the dog like she's going to turn and give me a verbal word answer. I get between (carefully and strategically, never try a dangerous stunt if you are unaware of what you are doing) and actually speak to my dog while placing myself as the dominant to Husky. Chloe responds to me (of course, because not only have I trained her well, she also trusts me and trusts my judgement). I get them apart. I should mention that Chloe is off-lead all this time. She's trained, remember?
So I'm beginning to cold-shoulder Person B and his dumbass dumbfoundedness. (Yes, I know, not a real word), When another neighbourhood doggy arrives on the scene, we have meet Westie (terrier breed, not his actual name) a couple of times and are familiar with him and his owners. After a short period of time, and because Person B doesn’t hold back Husky and allows her to drag him wherever, Husky gets close to the other dog and begins a dog fight. Yup. Even though Husky is at one end of the leash and Person B is still holding (not recalling) the leash in his hand, I step up, grab the leash nearer to Husky and yank backwards, loudly proclaiming "NO!" (lets not forget Husky is pretty much zero-trained), Husky whips her head and growls and makes a movement like she's about to bite me. I do NOT tolerate that behaviour. Period. Another yank, another "NO!" and I am glaring down and not moving ANYWHERE, showing no sign of backing away. Husky (because they are smart dogs) recognizes this and stops. BAM! Another crisis averted. Because of me. NOT the owner of the obviously increasing, aggressive dog.
Me: You HAVE to hold her back! She is trying to attack.
Person B: Ugh… But why is she doing this?
Me: Is she fixed?
Person B: No.
Me: There you go. Female, unfixed Husky. Strong-willed and thick-headed, untrained. Near her home. Those are all ingredients for a recipe for disaster!
Person B is still babbling on about incoherent things. I just tell him to keep her in. Don't let her free range of movement. Then I block him out. Then I have to leave because if I don’t I know I will start to say things that could potentially be mean.
We ran into (briefly) Person B and Husky just Monday evening. I avoided him completely. I know that if conversation were to be initiated it would be trouble. For Person B. I am not a very tolerate person when it comes to dogs and aggression. I make my exit lickity-split!
This is an ongoing story, I am sure. Stay tuned…

Names have been removed for privacy and protection.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pictures of Alaska & Norwegian Star From Day to Night

NCL's Norwegian Star

Deck 13 - Pool and Water slides

The room I stayed in - Inside room
(I pushed the beds together, got the room to myself!)

Juneau, AK
Alaska's Capital

Mystical Mountains and Waters

The main theatre on the ship - Stardust Theatre.
(LtoR: Irene (me) and Ali)

Ketchikan, AK - Alaska's first city as well as the "Salmon Capital of the World"

A close-up of a glacier

A Glacier surrounded by snow-covered mountains

Deck 13 while the sun is setting

Snow-capped mountains on our way to Ketchikan, AK with the view of the slides and jacuzzi.

Sun setting behind beautiful snow-covered mountains.
Inside passage going to Ketchikan, Ak

The best sunset I have seen!


It's May 7th 2011. Suitcase is all packed, got my sunscreen, shorts, t-shirts and ready to take in the rays of the sun in Panama. I'm happy, excited, and eager to start working my first real contract as a stitcher and paid! The ship? the Norwegian Star. It holds 2, 348 passengers, 1, 083 crew members, and is 965 feet long (the length of 2 1/2 football fields).

So I'm on the bus to go to the ship, I meet administration, the people I will be working with, and the room that I would be staying in for 2 weeks. Now my new found friends from New York City (Ali and Mariela) and I were ready to go and have dinner (we have now sailed away from port for 3 hours) and I expressed to them that I was so excited to go through the Panama Canal and had asked how long it would take to go through it. They gave me a weird look and said "um....Irene what are you talking about? we are going to Alaska" and I replied no we're not I was told that we were going to Panama". "nooo, we're going to Alaska" said the girls. This went on for about another minute or so and then I figured I should believe them since 2 out of 3 people knew where we were going. What had happened was the Costume Manager of NCL (person who puts wardrobe staff on ships to work) was trying to put 12 people on 4 different ships at the same time and forgot to tell me that she put me on a different ship. Luckily, I had brought long pants, and a couple pair of jeans, and a sweater (the theatre and dressing rooms were cold most of the time).

Continuing on...
As an independent contractor and only staying on for 2 weeks, I, as well as the other girls, were treated like passengers. We got to basically eat, sleep, and play where they do which was awesome! Buffet breakfasts, lunches and dinners, with the occasional restaurant dinning and room service. However, most lunches were spent eating in the Crew Mess. The food is sometimes questionable. It's were you find your fellow crew members from different areas of the ship like engine operators, housekeeping, waiters/waitresses etc. In addition, there are 64 different nations that are represented on the ship. I was the minority. Filipino, Indian, Caribbean, and Eastern European nationalities make up the bulk of the crew. Finding food in the crew mess that was tasty to Canadian taste buds was a challenge, but I pulled through.
But then you get a night off or it's someone birthday and you get to eat DELICIOUS food!

Here is what I ate at a restaurant called Cagney's Steak House for Scott, Ward.Sup. on his birthday.

The costume manager put it perfectly when she said "Working on a cruise ship is like working in a theater... in a resort... on a military base." Ain't that the truth! There are many rules that you must follow in order to be a good crew member and stay on the ship.

1. Passengers are always first
2. Have to go through the ships safety training and are assigned a safety duty to be performed
at least once a week.
3. Have to share a cabin with one roommate. Cabins are generally 12 X 10 feet. One word... bunk beds (ok, that’s two words.
4. You have to dress nice at all times when in public
5. Do your job correctly (big one!)
6. Follow correct procedures to get onto port. Do NOT just leave and tell no one, you will get DEPORTED! True story, Sound Technician lol

I am sure there are more rules to come which may or may not be interesting. We will see!

Monday, August 8, 2011

"How to Make a Bug Out Bag: Your 72-Hour Emergency Evacuation Survival Kit" from The Art of Manliness

I don't normally find this type of post relevant to our general community, but in light of what has been going on in London, UK and if you consider it as a DIY project, this following link may be interesting to you. Also, I am not a big fan of FEAR or the idea that fear can be sparked amongst a large group and spread like wildfire - let this not be about being afraid of riots or losing your homes or "Children of Men"-esque situations. Let this be more about camping and DIY culture and just being prepared for whatever comes your way. I will be starting mine tomorrow because I have been excited about this project for months and not because parts of London, Greece, Libya, Egypt, Somalia (the list goes on...) are falling apart, although it does concern me.

Written by Creek Stewart

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Alright, so I've been slacking with the blog posting thus far. But it's never too late to start. And with all the amazing theatre going on lately in the city, you can't blame a guy for being busy!

Although Fringe has come and gone, along with the ever-popular beer tent, there is still plenty of dramatic creativity to be consumed on a hot summer day in the city.

The lesser-known indie theatre festival known as Summerworks is in full swing as you read this humble post of mine. Think of Summerworks as Fringe for hipsters. Relying on a curated season of music and theatre produced mainly by theatre professionals, you're much less likely to run into a 'Fringe clunker' of a show. You are, however, likely to find some amazing, intense, breathtaking theatre that defies the boundaries of a traditional theatre season.

Personally, I haven't gotten the chance to get out and see anything yet, however here are a few shows that have sparked my attention so far:

You Should Have Stayed Home

The dramatized story of Tommy Taylor's arrest and detainment during the Toronto G20 summit.

Playing at the Theatre Centre

Hero and Leander

A musical adaptation of the Byzantine myth.

Playing at the Factory Mainspace


Francis Bacon's paintings come to life in a movement-based piece.

Playing at the Lower Ossington Theatre

Take a peek at the Summerworks site and I'm sure you'll find something that tickles your fancy.

Happy viewing!


Thursday, August 4, 2011

WINDBAG blew to green

Hi New Pulpers,

My name is Jennifer Burland. I will be your Fashion Blogger for New Pulp. I'm excited to be apart of the gang. My challenge for New Pulp is to blog about Clothes, Shoes, Accessories, and Fashion Events with New Pulps philosophy. I'm a green gal myself so this should be fun! :)

One of my new favourite stores is Oddjects. It's great fun. Mostly house decor and little trinkets at really reasonable prices. A really good place to buy a gift! Right now they are selling these really cool bags from WINDBAG.

A Canadian company (Reppin beautiful Nova Scotia) that makes bags and pillowcases made from old sails, vinyl cut-offs, and art canvas. I really like the zig zag stitching and cut and sew details. The geometric shapes and colours are so fun. You can get a one that screams Nautical or something more casual and subtle. I haven't bought one yet... only because I can't decide between a beach bag, a big duffle bag. Either way I want it.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

This THURSDAY at Oz Studios: SWEAT Closing Reception

You might all remember our previous post on Kate Thornley's artwork in SWEAT: An Art Show...
Good news! The show has been extended until THIS THURSDAY, August 4th. The closing reception will be held at 6PM at 134 Ossington Ave in OZ STUDIOS. If you couldn't catch it earlier, come out on Thursday and support the artists and what was such a successful show!